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“Teaching to Score-while learning to Soar”

It is my goal to help young specialists achieve their goals as student/athletes by preparing them for precision on the field. Many of the lessons of life are learned on the sports field. So we hope to also help prepare these athletes for the “Game” of life.


The hard work and perseverance paid off when David was cut three times before defining his career with the Philadelphia Eagles. Being served walking papers in Atlanta, Carolina and Washington, intertwined with jobs as a substitute teacher and waiter, provided David with an early dose of reality. Some of those early hardships formed the foundation of who David rule is.
Given what could have been his last chance at an NFL career, David joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999 and was asked to play in Berlin for an NFL Europe team. By that season’s end he was in a hospital bed for one week with food poisoning and almost didn’t make it back in time for Eagles training camp. After losing 30 pounds, however, David recovered in time to earn a job with his strong left leg. Twelve seasons later - four times the length of an average NFL career - David played in more games in an Eagles uniform than anyone ever (188) and became the franchises all-time leading scorer (1,323). He was named to the Eagles 75th Anniversary All-Time Team, was voted as the kicker on the NFL 200’s All-Decade Team, and set the NFL mark for points in a decade (1,169 from 2000-2009).

After leaving the Eagles, David played two seasons in San Francisco and rewrote the NFL record book during that brief time. In 2011, he set an NFL record for points (without a TD) with 166, field goals in a season (44), and 4+ FG games (6). On September 9, 2012, at Green Bay, he tied the NFL record connecting on a 63-yard FG. (Was broken in  2013).

David finished his NFL career with the Detroit Lions. The six-time Pro Bowler reached the playoff 10 times out of his 15 NFL seasons. David has competed in seven NFC Championship games and two Super Bowls. Once the regular season ends David keeps on kicking. He owns the NFL playoff record with 19 consecutive FGMs and holds nearly every Pro Bowl kicking record: Most points (57), Longest FG (53), and Most appearances (6; second behind Morten Andersen).


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